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Visualize a slimmer you

I just came across this new service, and it looks pretty cool. You submit a picture of yourself, say how much you want to lose and within 48 hours a digitally enhanced picture is ready for you that shows what you may look like at that goal weight.

I haven’t tried it yet, but what a powerful motivator. Now, since I was a skinny twig at one time, I think I’ll just use one of my wedding pictures as a visualization of what I can look like (again).

If anyone tries this service out, let me know and it would be fun to see the before & after pics that you get back.


Jillian Michaels radio show

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that Jillian Michaels, from The Biggest Loser, has her own health & fitness radio talk show. It is on KFI AM 640 out of LA. I’ve just started listening to it and i”m enjoying it so far.

Check it out, follow this link to get to the page where you can download each weeks (Sunday morning show) show or listen to it at your computer. If you want to add the show to your iPod, you’ll have to download each individual show and manually add it to iTunes because I cannot find any iTunes feed for this show anywhere.

Navy SEAL test, part II

I just stumbled across a Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge web site. Previously, I posted about wanting to use this test as a measure of my overall fitness. Guess what, the Navy tours the states and sets up these Navy SEAL fitness challenge days throughout the year. You get to go and complete the test with SEALs and civilians watching you and cheering you on. Every participant gets a white t-shit. If you meet SEAL standards, you get a brown t-shirt and if you meet SEAL competitive standards (though they don’t define what that is), you get a blue t-shirt.

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Some Calvin humor

I must be getting this blogging thing down. When I first started, I thought I wouldn’t have a lot to say. But now, almost everything I see or think of makes me go “That would make a good post for NMFD”.

Case in point, this comic I read yesterday, from my most favorite strip of all time. Enjoy!

Spaceman Spiff being tortured


Date Started: 1/7/2009
Exercise plan: Men's Health Belly Off! 2008
Height: 5' 11"
Starting weight: 208 lbs / 94.35 kg
Current weight: 194 lbs / 88.18 kg
Ultimate goal: 180 lbs / 81.65 kg
Current goal: 190 lbs / 86.36 kg
Eating plan: Sensible, no soda or sugars, lots of water, higher in protien.