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I’m moving on up, to the east side…

Hey everyone, I finally went ahead and registered a domain name for NMFD. So, I’m in the process of setting up the new site and hope to have everything moved by the end of this weekend.

I’m excited because the new site will give me a lot more control and freedom to do things with NMFD, like discussion boards and polls, etc.

OK, I’ve got the new site up. It’s pretty much done, but I may tweak things over the next few weeks.

So, please change any links to and then head on over and take a look.



(in my best Jim Morrison voice)…This is the end

OK, not quite the end and not really an end at all but a new beginning. In just 9 days I’ll complete the Men’s Health Belly Off! 2008 program. I’ve loved every minute of it and feel great with how my body is developing. The concept of quick, high intensity workouts really fits my lifestyle while being super effective. With the end coming up so quick, it was time to look for a new program to work on. So last night, I went ahead and purchased the Turbulence Training package from Craig Ballantyne.

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I can eat more!!!

In just one day of using FitDay to track my calories, I’ve discovered I’m not taking in close to enough calories in a day. Using a formula I used from Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, I determined my daily calorie requirements (for my age, height, weight and activity level) should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2400 calories. On Monday, I took in only ~1700 and that’s not taking into account my interval training. So I’d say my calorie total for yesterday was closer to 1400 and that is WAY too low.

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Visualize a slimmer you

I just came across this new service, and it looks pretty cool. You submit a picture of yourself, say how much you want to lose and within 48 hours a digitally enhanced picture is ready for you that shows what you may look like at that goal weight.

I haven’t tried it yet, but what a powerful motivator. Now, since I was a skinny twig at one time, I think I’ll just use one of my wedding pictures as a visualization of what I can look like (again).

If anyone tries this service out, let me know and it would be fun to see the before & after pics that you get back.

Altered state

Here we are, 38 days into the Belly Off! 2008 program. That leaves just 18 more days for us to work on hitting our goals for the 8 weeks. This time has gone by quick, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been living this new lifestyle for a lot longer. What once took a lot of thought and planning is becoming second nature. What once was considered cruel and unusual punishment is now considered exhilarating and enjoyable. Things can and have changed in just 38 days. Here are some thoughts on those changes. Continue reading ‘Altered state’

Dragging ass today

Ugh, my wife couldn’t sleep last night so that means I didn’t sleep last night. I drug my butt outta bed at 6:30 to do my intervals, but it was more like 6:40 by the time I got on the treadmill. That meant I could only do a quick, 5 set, interval session. It still felt good and I made it through the day, but it’s time to do Workout B and I just can’t get myself going to do it.

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Fat Tuesday

Years past, Fat Tuesday was always an excuse for me to eat as much as I could and to enjoy some donuts with the family (since we can’t find any paczki). This year, Lent starts very early (the earliest in 96 years actually), so Fat Tuesday comes fast on the heels of Super Bowl Sunday. So this week is a potential weight loss disaster waiting to happen. So, when you reach for a big slice of King Cake, or a paczki, or any other fattening food in the name of Fat Tuesday, think about your fitness and weight-loss goals. Use portion control, common sense and focus and you can make it through this day of gluttony without derailing all the efforts you’ve made so far.


Date Started: 1/7/2009
Exercise plan: Men's Health Belly Off! 2008
Height: 5' 11"
Starting weight: 208 lbs / 94.35 kg
Current weight: 194 lbs / 88.18 kg
Ultimate goal: 180 lbs / 81.65 kg
Current goal: 190 lbs / 86.36 kg
Eating plan: Sensible, no soda or sugars, lots of water, higher in protien.