In case your are interested in setting up your own Belly Off! journal, I thought I’d share this video that someone posted on YouTube (not me). It’s a quick view, 8 minutes, that covers setup (really easy, just create and account), writing posts, and changing your theme (look & feel). The setup of a blog takes all of 2 minutes, and the posting of pages is pretty intuitive. So, if you want to share your experience with everyone else, go ahead and start your own Belly Off! 2008 journal.

If you do setup your own blog/journal, drop me a line in the comments section so I can add you to my blogroll.


2 Responses to “Setup your own journal”

  1. 1 Smurph January 20, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Hey there NMFD,

    Just wanted to say I love your idea of having an online journal. I know we’ve all heard of others having blogs but I guess it means more when it’s something you can more easily relate to – the need to lose weight. I had been overweight all my childhood – right into graduating High School. From the time of grad to 6 months later, I had dropped from 228 – 165. Unfortunately the weight had crept up slowly over the years – particularly the past 4. I had lead a very active lifestyle after losing the weight but suffered a sternum injury during the physical test for the Police Department. After that…. it kind of went down hill. So… here is where I say THANK YOU for the inspiration to do two things – lose the weight (from 191 – to 170 (projected) and to set up an online journal like you did. This will be the ‘kick in the ass’ I need to stay honest and continue with an active lifestyle. My wife sounds like yours too and showing her this belly off program will jolt her static routine too.

    Thanks again,

    Smurph in Canada

  2. 2 Steve January 23, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Hey smurph, thanks for the kind words, you have no idea how motivating it is for me to hear other folks say I’m a motivation. I don’t want to disappoint anyone and that’s one of the big influences having blog. Drop me a line when you get your blog setup, I’d love to keep up with it and give it a plug here.

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Date Started: 1/7/2009
Exercise plan: Men's Health Belly Off! 2008
Height: 5' 11"
Starting weight: 208 lbs / 94.35 kg
Current weight: 194 lbs / 88.18 kg
Ultimate goal: 180 lbs / 81.65 kg
Current goal: 190 lbs / 86.36 kg
Eating plan: Sensible, no soda or sugars, lots of water, higher in protien.

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